Xtreme Monkey Off The Chain Handles

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Get an Off The Chain style workout!
Take your heavy bag off the chain, and instantly transform your boxing heavy bag into a functional training tool!
Replicate heavy sandbag type workouts by using a smaller heavy bag. Or you can even use a larger heavy bag to replicate Log Lift exercises. Perfect for: Heavy Gym Type Lifts, Strong Man Type Lifts, Log Lifts, and Heavy Carries.
Uses: Punch it, kick it, throw it, shoulder it, clean it, press it, squat it, pull it, run with it. The handles make a heavy bag so versatile!

2″ wide nylon straps
Velcro closure
Three Double-Layer PVC 4.75″ length handles
8.5″ between the two end handles
Reinforced stitching

Adjustable and suitable for heavy bags of all sizes.
* heavy bag not included