Muscle D Tricep Extension Machine

Muscle D Tricep Extension Machine

  • Swivel, self-adjusting handles to accommodate different size users
  • Anatomically correct cam for proper muscle resistance
  • Precision, Air-Lift seat allows different heights without leaving the seat
  • Precision bearings for smooth operation
  • Comfortable angle chest pad for proper tricep extensions
  • Back pad and foot braces keep the user in proper position
  • 150 lb steel weight stack with a magnetic selector pin
  • 36″ l x 40″ w x 55″ h, 390 lb
  • 92 cm x 102 cm x 140 cm, 177 kg

$2,900.00 $2,395.00

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Muscle D Tricep Extension Machine

The Muscle D Tricep Extension Machine targets the rear arm muscles through complete stabilized movements. Precision bearings ensure smooth and fluid motion, and the overall ergonomic design ensures correct biomechanics throughout the motion.


The robust-looking frame and angular tubing create a sturdy appearance and excellent durability. The Muscle D Tricep Extension Machine is long-lasting and provides an excellent return of investment due to its commercial grade steel and high-quality materials. The Muscle D design and manufacturing process always maintains a high level of detail throughout the whole process.





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