Muscle D Adjustable Back Seated Leg Press Machine

  • Wide foot platform to train different thigh muscles…quads, glutes, hamstrings
  • Smooth rollers on hardened guide rods for super smooth action
  • Adjustable sled for pre-stretch positions
  • Quick locking handle for sled adjustments
  • Anatomically correct cam for proper muscle resistance
  • 300 lb steel weight stack with a magnetic selector pin
  • 74″ l x 40″ w x 63″ h, 1006 lbs
  • 188 cm x 102 cm x 160 cm, 411 kg

$4,800.00 $4,495.00

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Muscle D Adjustable Back Seated Leg Press Machine

The Muscle D Adjustable Back Seated Leg Press Machine targets the major muscle groups of the leg, including the quadriceps, gluteus maximus (glutes), and hamstrings. It’s crucial to train these muscles consistently and correctly. If performed incorrectly, excessive levels of strain are exerted on the knee joints or lower back. The Muscle D Seated Leg Press Machine combines a wide foot grip with an adjustable sled to create biomechanically accurate movements. This means that leg muscles are precisely and maximally activated so that the movement is more effective and results are achieved faster. The anatomically correct cam pulley helps to exert the proper muscle resistance from the beginning of the extension motion to the very end.

The leg press is simple to alter for members of different sizes and those with varied training needs. It features an adjustable sled which not only facilitates pre-stretch positions but accommodates exercisers of all different heights. Muscles are active without excessive strain on the knee.

Some new or inexperienced gym members can find strength exercises intimidating or confusing. Our selectorized units address this potential concern since they’re simple to set up (as well as easy to use). Smooth rollers on hardened guide rods combined with heavy precision bearings create a fluid extension or ‘press’ movement. This means users experience a more enjoyable workout and enables them to focus on perfecting their exercise technique (instead of the machine movement itself). The unit also includes an instructional placard that illustrates exactly how to perform a leg press motion correctly. A magnetic weight increment pin makes it simple to make stack adjustments on the go.


  •  Weight: 906 lbs / 401 kg
  •  Dimensions: 74″ x 40″ x 63″ / 188cm x 102cm x 160cm
  •  Weight stack: 300 lb steel weight stack with a magnetic selector pin


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