Muscle D Abdominal Crunch Machine

Muscle D Abdominal Crunch Machine

  •  trains the core abdominal muscles of the stomach, essential to most torso motions including twisting, bending, and the stabilization of other movements.
  •  Anatomically correct cam pulley ensure proper muscle resistance from the beginning to the very end of the exercise.
  •  Elbow pads promote the ideal ab crunching movement, which enhances performance and therefore improves overall results.
  •  Foot rollers provide added anchor points which stabilize the user in place and enable a full abdominal crunching range of motion.
  •  Precision bearings help to create a fluid movement, that’s easier for beginners and more enjoyable for expert users.
  •  Magnetic selection pin facilitates quick weight stack adjustments.

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Muscle D Abdominal Crunch Machine 

The Muscle D Abdominal Crunch Machine targets core abdominal muscles in the torso. These muscles are involved in most everyday movements of the body such as bending and twisting, as well as stabilizing other motions. Abdominal muscles play a vital role in daily life. This unit makes it easy for your gym members to incorporate core exercise into their workouts.The Muscle D Abdominal Crunch Machine features comfy elbow pads to promote a model crunching movement. The foot rollers act as additional anchor points to help stabilize the user’s body in place. The anatomically correct cam pulley creates a proportional amount of muscular resistance throughout the entire ab crunching motion (instead of the movement peak alone). Together it’s these details that create an ab workout that’s both effective and safe.


Most beginners assume that ab exercises should involve sit-ups or crunches on a mat. However, the abdominal crunch machine benefits often outweigh those of calisthenics for fitness newbies. Machine exercises ensure correct technique, which can often be missing from free weight work when first starting out. The guided motion is safer than unassisted crunches since they minimize the risk of strain or injury. The Muscle D units are easy to use even for people with no training experience. Precision bearings ensure a smooth movement, which means users can focus on their technique rather than the machine. A visual instruction placard illustrates exactly how ab crunch exercises are performed. The magnetic adjustment pin on the weight stack makes changing increments quick and easy.



  •  Weight: 510 lbs / 231 kg
  •  Dimensions: 42″ x 48″ x 55″ / 107cm x 122cm x 140cm
  •  Weight stack: 150 lb steel weight stack with a magnetic selector pin

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