Gym Design

Professional Gym design

Professional Gym Design

Work one on one with our professionals to create a unique gym experience

Our Design Process

Our turn-key solution makes the gym creation process a breeze. Evo guides you through the whole idea creation process all the way to fulfillment and servicing. 

Define Vision and Goals

First, we understand each client’s goals and needs to create the ideal vision for the desired gym. We figure out budgets and timelines to ensure timely and satisfactory project completion. 

envision your gym
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3D Modeling and Transparency

Evo then creates a project plan and produces 3D CAD models to better understand the end result.  We finalize the gym design with the actual fitness equipment through a step-by-step design process.

Fulfillment and Servicing

Evo takes care of the fulfillment and delivery of necessary fitness equipment. We provide professional installation and any followup services to make the design to completion process as smooth as possible. 

fulfillment and servicing

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