10 Tips on How to Make Exercise a Daily Habit

10 Tips on How to Make Exercise a Daily Habit

It can be very difficult to get in the routine of daily exercise especially for those who are new to working out or recovering form an injury. The motivation is lacking and the mental block can seem so much bigger. Common excuses such as “not enough time” prevent exercise as a daily habit but in reality, people are discouraged by commitment or are intimated on how to begin. These obstacles make exercise a daunting task instead of a healthy enjoyable habit.

There is hope and it all starts with the self promise to live a healthier, happier life.

Once the mind is made up to start the fitness journey, it is important to make exercise a habit engrained into daily lifestyle.

On average it takes at least 2 months before a new behavior becomes a habit. The act of exercising can become a habit and enjoyed as a part of the daily routine

Here are 10 tips how to make exercise a daily habit.

1.  Plan it out

First, map out a plan for exercise to become a daily habit. Make a list of the scheduled days to work out and what types of exercise to be completed on those days.

Organized planning can make squeezing in exercise time less stressful and easier to stick with.

2. Set a Time into your Routine – Preferable Early

alarm clock

Setting a regular time for exercise helps integrate it into a busy schedule. While a good portion of people workout in the evenings, it can be much easier to set the exercise routine for the morning.

The hard part of the day is out of the way when exercise is complete in the morning, and it releases endorphins to help power though the mundane work day.

If you choose an evening exercise, it’s very easy for other things to come up such as post-work hang outs and other social events. Excuses are much easier to give into because it is later in the day.

For inspiration check out Jocko Willink’s or Mark Walhberg’s early workouts.

3. Start Small


Exercise can be a hassle if exerting too much effort starting outt. Start with small work-out routines and go after comfortable challenges composed of a balance of difficulty and enjoyment.

Going too hard at the start easily leads to injuries. It will put a halt to the exercise routine and further demotivate making exercise a daily habit.

4. Set Goals

hard yoga pose

Setting goals is an excellent way to get engaged in workouts and track progression over time. It will be exciting to find out if mile time decreased, more weight got lifted, or pulled off that crazy yoga pose.

Progression is a very fulfilling thing and can help find meaning one repetitive tasks.

5. Mix up Your Work Outs

mountain biking

One of the greatest aspects of healthy exercise is that there are so many ways to accomplish it.

Great gym alternatives include biking, surfing, snowboarding, or even a casual hike.

This mix up will keep exercising fun and help with muscle confusion.

6.  Build Motivation Together

motivate together

Having friends to go the gym encourage commitment and make it an enjoyable social event.

Going with a designated gym partner can be tough to schedule some times, so track each others progress and share results outside of the gym.

Exercising is a great social activity that leads towards healthier goals and relaxation.

7. Journal Workouts


Record the workouts done and be proud of what the current accomplishments. Taking the first step into the gym is a win.

Reflect on improvements and the progress of the fitness journey.

8. Enjoy the Rest Days

lazy days

Make the most out of your rest days and enjoy being super lazy. A do-nothing day after a week of hitting the gym hard will feel extra special.

The lazy days will be justified and guilt-free.

9. Commit to a Gym

Gym Design

Putting down money and signing up for a gym can be a great way to keep exercise a daily habit.

That bill at the end of the month will be a friendly reminder to get the most out of your money.

10. Reward your Self

reward yourself

Food tastes a million times better after an exhausting workout.

A reward system is far better for encouragement compared to punishing yourself according to psychology.

Enjoy the guilty pleasures of life after achieving fitness milestones.

Doughnuts and pizza are a great go-to reward for “Faturdays”.

Bonus Tips:

  • If a gym is not close enough or too expensive incorporate home gym workouts to save time and money
  • Invest in a great pair of headphones – Music will pump up energy and lead to more explosive workouts
  • Don’t ever compare yourself to any one else. It is your own unique journey.

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