Travel Exercise 3 Tips and Hotel Room Workout

Why Is Travel Exercise So Hard? 




One of the hardest parts of committing to fitness is making it work when you travel. For some of us who travel for work or don’t have a consistent schedule, it’s hard. While accessing gym equipment like dumbbells is most preferable, sometimes work and busy schedules make it near impossible for us to get in a gym and stay in shape. This puts travel exercise, fitness and physical activity in the “it’s complicated” relationship column. A 2017 study found that U.S. travelers took 462 million domestic business trips. This figure was forecasted to rise to 499.4 million by 2022. That’s a lot of time on the road. A lot of time sitting and wishing you had more time to put towards that summer bod you’ve been waiting for the last few years. Fear not, there is so much hope. I’m going to be covering three simple and effective travel exercise tips and then leave you with a simple hotel room workout you can do just about anywhere. Enjoy!


3 Travel Exercise Tips:

Taking the stairs for travel exercise

  1. Walk. Walk as much as you can, it may save your fitness and your life. According to a study by Harvard University, walking counteracts the effects of weight-promoting genes, helps tame sugar cravings, reduces the risk of breast cancer, eases joint pain and boosts the immune system. Adding more walking into your daily routine is not only beneficial, it’s also easy. Try it by parking further away from grocery store entrances, taking 10 minutes out of lunch to walk around the block, or even use walking to kill time waiting for flights at the airport. While these changes are small, the lasting benefits of walking more are huge.
  2. Take the stairs. Airports, office buildings and most places we find ourselves in life have access to elevators and escalators. While using these modes of transportation are convenient and essential for those who need them or have mobility issues, those of us who use them as a luxury are missing out on an amazing heart-healthy exercise method. Benefits of taking the stairs include building healthy muscles, bones and joints, maintaining a healthy body weight and according to Duke University, taking two flights of stairs a day for a year can lead to losing 6 lbs!
  3. Don’t waste time! The difference between an active lifestyle and a sedentary lifestyle is how you use your time. Most everyone who doesn’t work out claims the reason to be not having enough time, especially when traveling. While this may be their perception, all it takes is 5 minutes to get a good workout in. Instead of checking your phone for 5 minutes when you wake up, try using that time for a quick sweat. Try doing the hotel room workout below next time you want a quick travel exercise routine on the go:

Push, Plank, Climb Hotel Room Workout:

Push Up Position for Travel Exercise

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. The workout is complete after 3 rounds, OR add more to keep burning calories.

  • Push-ups (20 seconds)
  • Rest (10 Seconds)
  • Forearm Plank (20 sec)
  • Rest (10 sec)
  • Mountain Climbers (20 sec)
  • Rest (10 sec)

Repeat 2 more times or challenge yourself by seeing how many times you can go without stopping.


While these 3 travel exercise tips just scratch the surface of living a healthy lifestyle, the benefits are astronomical. What By just making small changes each day and taking opportunities as they come, you will be setting yourself up for a better, more active life. Keep exploring different routines, stay hungry for coaching, seek fitness advice from those you trust and discover for yourself the kind of happiness an active lifestyle brings.


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