8 Types of Fitness Equipment for the Ultimate Home Gym Workout

8 Types of Fitness Equipment for the Ultimate Home Gym Workout

If you have decided to take a leap into the world of building a home gym it is important to understand what equipment provides the most value for the least amount of space. Here are 8 crucial pieces of fitness equipment to include in your home gym for the ultimate home gym workout.

1. Adjustable Dumbbells or a Set of Dumbbells

muscle d dumbell set

Dumbbells should be at the top of the list when building a home gym. Dumbbells can target almost any upper body muscle as well as leg and core muscles. They have the ability to focus on very specific muscle movements compared to exercises like bench pressing or squatting. Adjustable dumbbells are as they can have a large weight range and take up a very small amount of space.

2. Adjustable Bench


The adjustable bench is a very important addition to your home gym and pairs perfectly with dumbbells. There are tens or even hundreds of different exercises that can be accomplished with a bench press and dumbbells or other weight resistance objects. One important factor when purchasing a bench is to make sure that the back part of the bench is adjustable. Adjustable benches have a larger range of exercises with the ability to target muscles with different angles.

3. Standard Barbell

olympic barbell

The barbell is most useful with squats, bench pressing, and powerlifting. If you are into powerlifting, the barbell will become your best friend. The power rack and the barbell go well together in a home gym workout. There are multiple types of barbells but the first one to add to your home gym collection should be the standard style. An EZ style Barbell is great for exercises that don’t involve a power rack, like curling or skull-crushers.

4. Weight Plates

weight plates
A barbell would not be very versatile if you did not get weights to accompany it. It is important to understand what type of weight plates to incorporate into your home gym. If you are into powerlifting and want slightly safer weights look into getting bumper plates. These are weight plates with added rubber silicon. They make less sound when dropped and are less likely to cause damage to the floor.

5. Power Rack

The power rack, often referred to as a squat rack, is an extremely useful piece of equipment for a home gym workout. It provides a wide range of workouts with the ability to add attachments such as a dip add-on or lat pull down. Use it as a barbell rack and safety catch when you are bench pressing, shoulder pressing, or squatting. Whether you are building mass, getting leaner, or increasing cardiovascular capacity these exercises with a power rack will get you closer to these goals in a safe way.

6. Proper Pull Up Bar

The Pull-up bar is an excellent addition to your home gym to for explosive back and core workouts. The pull-up motion. Leg lifts and leg lifts variations are great to add to your home gym workout to strengthen the core and abdominal muscles.

7. Collars

No matter how much experienced the weightlifter, weight collars are always a good idea. Weight collars are the clips that attach to the end of barbells to make sure the weights stay attached. The only time you would not want to add these is if you are bench pressing with out a spotter. These are a pretty inexpensive addition to your home gym and one that takes up a minute amount of space. They can save some toes as well as some peace of mind knowing your weights won’t fly off when going full beast mode.

8. Gym flooring


Gym Flooring helps preserve your gym floor and reduces noise when weights hit the ground. They also add traction to prevent slipping and causing injuries. You can order the flooring precut to make it easier to adjust the desired home gym area.

Nice to haves:

If you have some extra money and some extra space here are some great nice to haves:

  • An awesome stereo system – for music to get you pumped up for more reps. It can make the difference between a good work out and a great workout
  • Sauna – Spending time in a sauna not only relaxes you but also increases cardiovascular health
  • Cardio Machines – For when it’s too cold or too hot to go outside for a jog or bike ride.

Do you think we covered the most important items in a home gym? Please let us know if the comment below. We would love hear from you!

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