3 Tips on How to Get the Best Exercise at Home

Why Exercise at Home?

School, work, and relationships can make going to the gym seem like an inconvenience. The commute can be a pain and parking is not always a breeze. “Lunkheads” and other people slamming weights tend to make your workout less enjoyable. Exercising should give you release and freedom, not more stress and anxiety. In cases like this, it will be worth it to learn how to exercise at home.

LunkHead at the gym exercise at home

Exercise at home can save time, money, and unnecessary stress. If you feel this might be the right step for you here are 3 ways to get amazing exercise at home.

Body Weight Exercises

body weight exercise at home

Body weight exercises can fit into any routine whether at home, on the road, or even if you can make it to the gym. They burn fat, build muscle, and increase flexibility. Body weight exercises reduce the chance of injuries versus lifting heavy weights. This type of exercise has been around since the dawn of time, and for good reason.
Push-ups, chin-ups, and pistol squats are excellent starters for body weight exercises. You can do push-ups anywhere and can use ledges or benches to focus on decline or incline chest movements. Try one-handed incline push-ups to get an amazing strength burn. Reduce the amount of weight by using your knees instead of putting weight on your feet.


cardio exercise at home

Cardio is crucial in maintaining a great metabolism and keeping your heart healthy. The enjoyment of the endorphins is another reason to place cardio into workout routines. The natural high is a great reward for putting effort into raising your heart rate.
Running is the most common form of cardio but not everyone enjoys it. Luckily, there are many other ways to get an excellent cardio exercise at home. Cycling is great if you own a bike and swimming if you have a pool at your home. If you live in a colder climate or one that is very hot it may be good to look into getting a treadmill, row machine, or an exercise bike.
HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) can be an alternative if the previous exercises won’t work for you.

Strength training

strength training Exercise at home

You may think strength training can be tough without a full gym, but any weighted objects can be good for an exercise at home. Chairs are great for shoulder side raises and front raises. A bike is a great 20lb-25lb dumbbell for bicep workouts. Be creative as you like as long as your roommates are okay with it!
If you have some open space you may want to invest in a large set of dumbbells and a quality bench. You can focus on almost any muscle in your body with a bench and dumbbells. Dumbbells and a bench will all you to achieve a variety of exercises like chest flies,one-armed rows and shoulder flies. This combination of equipment will maximize your workout space and your workouts.

What’s Right for You

meditation exercise at home

Understanding your needs and trade-offs will help you decide on how to maintain your best health. If convenience and time are the most important, exercise at home or getting a home gym can be worth an investment. Joining a gym as well as home exercising can be an ideal combination. If pressed for time do a home workout. It will free an extra hour of your day compared to going to the gym.
The important aspect is that you maintain your physical health as well as your mental health. Try adding a few of these ideas to your next workout and continue to explore the best version of yourself.

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