How Fitness Leads my Life

During our busy day-to-day, we often don’t reflect on what choices led us to our career, location, or relationships. When we have a brief moment from the grind we ask ourselves “How did I get here?”.

Starting Evo Fitness Equipment encouraged me to reflect on my life and how it led me here. Here is an insight into my life that led me to be passionate about fitness and start my new venture, Evo Fitness Equipment.

Starting Early

Ever since I was young, I was always active. My parents introduced me to sports such as soccer, baseball, and eventually tennis to teach me teamwork, persistence, and hard work. Friends grew through sports and my health was better off than just playing video games. Weightlifting caught my attention through my teenage years, and I would challenge my body through intense workouts at the local gym. I aimed for different physical goals like more reps or higher weights and looked forward to achieving them. After High School, I joined the army as a combat medic and went on to win the “Ironman” award for my basic training class. I enjoyed the thrill of pushing myself and the positive effects of exercise had on the body. Looking good and feeling good!

True Potential

My next level of fitness began when a friend convinced me to take a marathon class at The College of Charleston (Go Cougars!). I dived into the world of physiology and nutrition of exercising and explored the limits of the human body. I became enthralled with how humans use different key nutrients and vitamins to produce energy more efficiently.

The final exam for the class was to run a full marathon. I never thought I would run past five miles in my life but each week I strived for more and more mileage. Finally, on race day, I finished the full 26.2 miles with shin splints and minor stress fractures from overtraining. Albeit sore and walking like a cowboy, I realized our bodies are tremendous and can do anything we set our minds too. It’s our willpower that helps achieve our greatness.

Fit Philanthropy

I began to explore another type of fitness which I refer to as “fit philanthropy”. I partnered with Hope for Children to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro as a philanthropic challenge.  College parties and asking for friends and family for money helped raise $7,500 to go towards my goal. The proceeds went to help Tanzanian children get off the streets and back into school. There is no backing out when people are depending on you to succeed and help others. It’s no longer about self-pride but about achieving altruistic goals through people coming together.


The Crave for More Challenge

After a trip to Thailand, I began to look for more extreme fitness challenges, one to fill my crazy appetite. I came across the idea of doing a full Ironman consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a full 26.2-mile marathon run to finish with. There was one in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and thought “Vacation Ironman”. It was Ideal for my girlfriend to enjoy some beach time while I prepared for the toughest race of my life. With the support of my girlfriend and 6 months of training, I completed a full Ironman in 13 and 1/2 hours. Persistence and planning are crucial to achieving goals. I can’t put into words how amazing the Little Ceasar’s pizza tasted at the end of the race.


Time to Turn up the Heat

My most recent and intense fitness challenge was to run the Marathon des Sables with Hope For Children. Deemed as the toughest foot-race on earth, the Marathon des Sables consisted of a 160-mile race across the Sahara Desert over 7 days while carrying all my own food and rationing water. I had never completed an ultra or a multiday race. I didn’t exactly know what I was signing up for but with fit philanthropy, there is no backing out. With the help of friends, family, and strangers, we raised $10,000 cause and set me on my way to compete in the insane ultra-marathon. Through excruciating pain and willpower, I was able to complete the most insane, beautiful, and breathtaking race of my life. From miles and miles of endless sand dunes to running to 2 am to on the 52-mile day, I cherished this incredible experience of pushing my body to limits along with meeting some truly amazing people. All for a cause bigger than myself.


Why Fitness

Fitness helped me better myself not only physically but mentally as well. It built amazing new friendships, gave children healthcare and education, and helped me experience life to the fullest.

With Evo Fitness Equipment, I hope to share the benefits of fitness so people can have incredible experiences like these and lead a healthy, fulfilling life.


Please feel free to email me if you would like to get in touch. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.


Jake Pimental

Founder at Evo Fitness Equipment

“Achieve Greatness”

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